the kneaded visit

Visting peonfx global hq. BKK – TH Advertisements




It’s all the inside jokes and “remember whens”.

On the Line

Boston. Women of Colours.


Mogwai/King Krule weekend.


Busy bee….  

The Wayfarer

Imperfections. If everyone is perfect the same way… whats the difference with everyone??

33⅓ RPM

Weekend LP hunt.


My dad has always been my biggest influencer. From music to fashion, hobbies and movies. Being the youngest daughter… you sort of like have a default attachment to dad… while the big sisters have to mom. The very first hipster I’ve known.  At 70, dad is still doing his round with his bicycle… scooting around … Continue reading


The room with many purposes – from serious conference calls to vinyl parties. Hosted so many friends here. Our very own organized mess. Somehow its a reflection on who we are, what we do and what we love. Its contents are the ‘fillings’ of what we are made of.