the kneaded visit

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Busy bee….  

The Wayfarer

Imperfections. If everyone is perfect the same way… whats the difference with everyone??

33⅓ RPM

Weekend LP hunt.

Lyrical Life

I saw the tired middle aged faces in the bus this morning.  Am I there yet? Or I am already on my way to mid-life crisis? Here I am … scraping through this short note for the blog.. in between hours of conference calls, a rant for sanity sake. Stuck in my cubicle, eating a … Continue reading


The room with many purposes – from serious conference calls to vinyl parties. Hosted so many friends here. Our very own organized mess. Somehow its a reflection on who we are, what we do and what we love. Its contents are the ‘fillings’ of what we are made of.


Renowned as a centre of classical Javanese fine art and culture such as batik, ballet, drama, music, poetry, and puppet shows as well as a centre of Indonesia’s finest artists… Yogjakarta surely lives up to its description. I travelled to this mystical place to somehow reconnect to my javanese roots and the main reason is to hang out … Continue reading