And so i am back to the familiar city of Jakarta… re-living the horror of the macet (traffic jam) and lots of catching up with the good food and the awesome friends here. Jakarta has been really kind to me this time round.     Advertisements

Amidst the Bogans and Roos

Melbourne, you have been harsh, addictive and sweet as always. Got a road all laid out and trenched…

the kneaded visit

Visting peonfx global hq. BKK – TH



Coast to Coast

Sungei Rengit, Johore, Malaysia. Inaugural opening ceremony of my Jumbo Kendama. 13. Note to self: Keep the foldie for my postal service errands only.    

Collaborators: atelier du peonfx X stroom fabriek

What we’ve been up to.


It’s all the inside jokes and “remember whens”.


Been a busy week.  

On the Line

Boston. Women of Colours.


Mogwai/King Krule weekend.