JJay Ali. Wife. Mother of 1. Peonfx. Cats. Bicycles. Travels. Music. One dance move…


14 Responses to “Kat”
  1. Fid says:

    Hey Kat,
    fid here, do u noe of any place or anyone selling a 2nd hand frame? planning 2 build a fixie bike 4 my gf… 😀


  2. mel says:

    hi kat,
    this is mel, im a filmmaker and i was wondering if you were interested being in a documentary about being a fixie rider. message me back if your interested..


  3. donotdesign says:

    hey! i was wondering, generally how much does it cost to build a fixie? any place to recommend? would love to build one for my boyfriend. hehe. thanks!

    • hey… the cost of getting one done will depend on the brand and also budget that you have in mind. It may range from 600 dollars to a couple of thousands, all depend on the brand of bike you plan to get.
      there are a couple of shops in singapore that you can check out, one if Fab’s Cycles and the other is Airwalk SG.

      good luck!

    • there’s a couple of places you can go like Fabs Cycles, Airwalk Sg and also TR Bikes. Prices would range from 700 for a full setup to a couple of thousands. Good luck 🙂

  4. Lean says:


    Do you know where to get Dutch bicycles in Singapore? I want to get one but I really have no idea where to start…


  5. rideBLT says:

    Hi, we’re fixie riders from Jakarta, Indonesia. Cool blog 😀 Keep it up….


  6. Lis says:

    Hey Jjay Ali!
    I’d give u all my respect. The strongest woman rider i’ve ever seen in SG.
    I would love to ride with u one day, but im very shy!
    Ride Safe pretty woman!

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