What does the hippie got in his bag??

… Definitely not mind reading as one of the traits

So 12 days to go till the end of Ramadan. As tired as i can be, i kinda enjoy Ramadan this year. Apart from the emotional flares and also the hectic house makeover tasks. With the Olympics accompany our late nites, its a good way to wind down my day.

So we scored a ridiculously cheap sofa from some random ad over in the net. Got a couple of new dining chairs, a new carpet and slowly revamping the living room … (like after 10 years). We got to sort out the store room this National day and some painting to be done as well.

Found some ol raya pictures at home. Life was really simple when i was a kid (i wouldnt say the same when it comes to dhani cos kids these days have so much on their plate).. all u think abt during raya is new kicks, new clothes, duit raya and playing with the 11 cats over at granny’s after every iftar.


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