From Tokyo to Osaka and Kyoto… i think we took almost every train provider that is available there. So what do i see in Japan? We breezed thru Harajuku, Shibuya and Shinjuku and a lot more places that are just too difficult to pronouce…. we walked down the streets of Gion in Osaka… the alleys of Osaka. I think we’ve visited most of the bike stores there. We meet up with Will for some walkabout, chill for a bit with Mr Tanabe of Kalavinka, Yohei of Wbase, Renee, Sayaka and the rest of the good people of Track Supermarket, the smiley folks of Blue Lug and a lot more. Then… there’s Keirin!! Dhani had a great time cheering the riders with the gambling drunkards there… we briefly took part in a demonstration (something to do with nuclear protest or something) Oh… of course, Lego land at the Discovery Centre over in Tokyo Teleport. Japan has been amazing and i will be back for more.


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