Copa Cabana

Happy 2012!!  I’ve spent the final days of 2011, unemployed. It’s a wonderful feeling i must say. Though its gonna be short lived (in about 10 days time).

2011 was impactful for PEONFX, with the growth and expansion in our family. There’s the goldsprints and crit from Tales From the Crit. We travelled to HK and China with our bikes. We made it to Malaysia for Grafa’s First Anniversary. Then, there were our random monday rides and road trips across the border.

I got my first aluminium bike (and selling off my sparton), dhani’s got the yellowbelt now in silat. Mr Moustachio closed the year with a new job. The cats are doing great. The PFX HQ had a makeover. There’s just too many good things in 2011 and i know a whole lot more in 2012.

2 Responses to “Copa Cabana”
  1. maryjanist says:

    may 2012 brings us love, peace, youth, beauty, health, wealth and fat cats!!
    i love u katscratchfever!

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