Lazyman Ride

We got aaron on his rather ‘gungho’ bike again yesterday. its a beautifully battered beast, to be exact. Kiwi waited for us in Life Cycle where he prepped up a BBQ. It’s Weicong’s birthday as well. Happy birthday to one of my many favourite Fix Patrix!!!

I was out on my Rossin, for the first time, to go out of the neighbourhood. In all honesty, the feel on a fixed gear is much more satisfying than on a road bike. Perhaps i am not used to the whole sensation of coasting and braking and swerving through traffic with it. My motorskills went haywired and yeah, i would say, i was not in my most comfortable state on that bike. Its a beautiful bike though and i will never trade it for anything else. Perhaps a lil bit more of getting use to… yeah, i guess thats what i need.  More time on road with my rossin.

We head back to the north east later that evening, to venture round the coast and new routes around the area. We finished the night with a lil bit of “FARK MY LIFE” uphills, a huge plate of noodles and conversations about monkey brains, grubs and a whole lot of rats.

The weekend ended well.

2 Responses to “Lazyman Ride”
  1. maryjanist says:

    aaron’s bike is punk-rock. not gung-ho. u salah.

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