I heard of Bert’s accident on Monday and I thought it was nothing major. But news came later that he was in a pretty bad accident, i managed to squeeze some time in between work to see him at National University Hospital on Tuesday. Though brief, it was good to see that he was in a stable condition. His friend, that was also in the same accident, was not in a good shape.  I read through The Straits Times an hour ago that his friend, Mr Benjamin Mok, didnt make it and passed on. I’ve never met him or ride with him but this news saddened me. Rest in peace, pal.

Its really frustrating to learn that they were hit by an irresponsible drunk driver.  I have been actively cycling for close to a year now. Its a lil troubling for me when i receive news like this. I know what it is like to be on the road, alongside the other traffic. What i noticed on most rides, cyclists were never treated to be part of traffic at all. I read in the internet that cyclists here have the rights to be on the bus lanes, but nevertheless, buses dun give a hoot about our existence at most times.

We have no rights to ride on pavements here, we are treated as menace on roads. It makes me wonder, where do we, cyclists, belong? On a bigger issue, this is about drunk driving. Its a global problem, and i am very sure that everywhere else are facing the same issue, dealing with irresponsible drunk drivers. Many innocent lives lost due to them.

Even if we do have our own cycling lane here to share the damn road, if there are still drunk and reckless drivers out there, we are still unsafe. It’s not just for cyclists like myself, but for pedestrians and also other motorists. Everyone is a potential victim. No matter how careful we can be, on these situations, our lives are at stake. 

Accidents happen. Sometimes we lost a lil concentration, cos we’re only human. But to self inflict on such foolish acts of drink or reckless driving and illegal racing on our roads, its something not to be tolerated. 

We can impose as many law and also launch as many campaigns on drink driving, but if there are still motorists out there still take it lightly and think that they can champion the road and drunk drive their way home, this problem will never cease.

One Response to “Disturbed”
  1. ty says:

    Well said, may he RIP 😦

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