Oh Samson… I am your Delilah!

I almost had a scandal like last night. When i set my eyes on it…. I was speechless. It got the right curves. Everything was right. A perfect combination. I realised that i was holding it for almost an hour as i socialised through the alleys of Haji Lane during Sup’s 2nd Anniversary Bash. I wanted to ride it there and then. But …. i was not in the perfect outfit to mount and… ride of. I hugged it, i was all over it. (and i think there are some pictures taken of me almost licking off the frame)  I was loosing my mind. As it went off… i was shouting.. ‘I Love U!!’. I felt sinful… guilty.

Today, I spend the whole morning bike porning. The Black and Gold Samson is now on top of my Favourite’s list. And of course it comes with a heavy price tag. Damn you!

2 Responses to “Oh Samson… I am your Delilah!”
  1. Idris says:

    Oooh La La. NJS! Nak Jugak Saya.

  2. yum yum!! Nak jugak!

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