Meeting Jo and Nala

I met Nala for the first time last Tuesday, over dinner.

Jo texted me a few days before, to inform me that she’ll be in town, and would love to catch up. I haven’t seen Jo for a good couple of years and we missed her wedding at the very last minute as well.

It was nice seeing her again. We spoke of those days when we were in Melbourne. We spoke of Lorne. We spoke of those good times we had. Despite the distance, somehow, we are still close at heart.

We both remembered the day when she turned 21 and I was pregnant then. Dhani gave his first kick that same autumn. That was 7 years go. And now, she’s a mother to 10 month old Nala. She’s one of the most adorable baby I have seen. I’ve witnessed some Jo-ness in her. And I love it when she calls for ‘Bud’ in the middle of Newton. And she’s one kick-ass baby that eats Banana cookies dipped in Oyster Sauce.

Dear Nala… you’ve yet to meet Uncle Acit. He would adore u and give u the biggest moustache kiss, for sure.


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