Steel Loving

I love a classic track frame. Lug and steel frames does it for me. At present i am riding the ST500 Sparton and i am deeply in love with it. Its in a rich shade of red, a birthday present from my other half. Its Chilean and its been rolling the streets with me for the past year.

Later this evening, i will be out riding with my girlfriends. The initial intention is to go for rented bicycles in East Coast. I changed my mind as I was walking to the kitchen just now. I looked at my bike parked near the door, i know… i can’t leave it behind. With the present knee issues that I am having, i know i should take it easy on the riding but i just couldn’t resist. I hope my dear knee would not be a bitch later. (PLEASE!!!)

Meantime.. bike porn for the day would be this ST500 Sparton in Gold. Oh God, what a beauty! Hmmm… i dun think i need a 2.55 if i have this. Hah!!


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