The New Decade

As i enter the new decade, i finally decided to have my very first personal blog. I never knew why i never had one done all these years.

2009 had been an aweome year and also life changing decisions were made as well. As i watched Dhani grew up and prepare him for primary school, i realised that motherhood had never ceased me from doing the things that i loved and also never stopped me from opening new doors of opportunities. And i am blessed to have Mr Mustacho even though we may be living miles apart right now. He had taught me a lot abt being independent all these years and equipting me with skills to do the man-chores too.

PEONFX was born in mid 2009 and aside from the existing Thread Bandits, life had never been busier. I have more roles to play and juggling my time to cater to each and every one of it.

I completed a 120km a mass cycling event which i never thought i would ever accomplished. I made more friends the past year that are really awesome. My love for riding grew extensively and i itched to ride my bike as and whenever i could.

I enjoyed 2009. It had been a great year.

And no… i do not have any resolutions whatsoever for the new year.

6 Responses to “The New Decade”
  1. azura says:

    hello bionic woman : )

  2. anne says:

    keep it up…rajin2lar jari-jemari u tu!!

  3. Idris says:

    Whattt!! Cheech and Chong?LOL

  4. Jeff says:

    I like the song.

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